Lloyd Bobcat Masson for DA


Let’s take back our streets and start investing in our youth so we can end the cycles of trauma.


LA needs a strong DA to tell criminals that play time is over. Priority one for me is immediately dropping the hammer on all robbery, burglary and theft-related offenses, including follow-home robberies, car thefts, retail theft and catalytic converter thefts. I would also end all blanket zero bail policies and operate in accord with what local communities want. Through community liaisons, community imbedded prosecutors, and new technology I would stay in tune with what each area of the county wanted from the office and adapt accordingly.


An old school, tough on crime mentality will not be enough to get crime under control, just as the current emphasis on no jail time has not worked. We need every tool available to solve LA’s crime problem. To this end, we must explore solutions such as new technologies in rehabilitation and justice without sacrificing our victim's voices in criminal cases. LA law enforcement has often led the nation, and we need to begin to innovate in this area in a way that is sound and become a model that the country would want to emulate.


The homeless crisis is not something the DA can solve alone, so I am committed to forging alliances with all interested parties, public and private, and working together with each affected community for a solution. I believe that an earnest alliance between the community and law enforcement will enable us to finally turn a corner on this issue.


We need people to feel safe in LA so they can go about their lives without constant reminders and fear of the high crime. Greater LA is an amazing place, and it’s our people and the creativity we generate that sets us apart. I would seek to immediately repair the damage Gascon caused, first within the DA's office. The LADA is the largest, most elite trial firm in the country, and still, even after an exodus of 200+ attorneys under Gascon, it retains some of the sharpest prosecutors in the world. I would seek to rapidly rebuild morale internally and then begin repairing the damaged relationships with our justice partners. Finally and most importantly, I would build trust within the areas we serve by being transparent and constantly vigilant to what the public wants.


Bobcat has a clear 4 year plan that starts with healing the DA’s office, restoring our relationship with justice partners, and then moving forward to rapidly improving public safety in the city to ready it for the Olympics in 2028. We as a city have been here before in 1984 and we need to use the additional resources the games bring us to improve our justice systems without resorting to heavy handed tactics. I’m asking for your vote to unify this county, bring the office back to #1 and show the world that Los Angeles is a world class city.

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